Meetup # 2

Hi all, following the success of the AI NI launch event in March we got stuck in straight away with the follow up. This time AI NI worked in direct collaboration with Barclays to deliver ‘AI Frenzy’, this was Barclays first splash into the Northern Ireland meet up scene – Barclays were also kind enough to provide the food and drinks!

Our first speaker was Chris Johnson from Adoreboard presenting – The Future of Customer Experience is Emotion AI: Are you ready?

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for brands. To compete brands need to deliver the best possible CX to win and retain customers. Chris will provide practical ways in which AI is being adopted by leading brands based on Forrester’s The Future of CX Measurement report which Adoreboard was showcased for its application of AI for CX.

Chris Johnson

CEO Adorboard

We then had Jesus Martinez-Del-Rincon from QUB presenting – Wide area tracking based on deep learning and Linear programming

This talk showed a video-based person re-identification system for wide area tracking based on a recurrent neural network Siamese architecture. Given short video sequences of a person, generated by a tracking algorithm, their video re-identification algorithm links these tracklets in full trajectories across a network of non-overlapping cameras in an open-world scenario. In the system, features are first extracted from each frame using a convolutional neural network. Then, a recurrent layer combines information across time-steps. The final linkage across cameras is performed using a Siamese network architecture.

Dr Jesus Martinez-Del-Rincon

Lecturer Queens University Belfast

Our next speaker was Jason Brownlee from Hays Recruitment. Jason gave a talk entitled  ‘Landing Your Dream Job in AI’
Emerging technologies such as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and, augmented and virtual reality, are shaping the future of our jobs. Jason discussed the steps that we can take to discover that perfect job in AI and then, crucially, how to find someone willing to pay us to do it.

Jason Brownlee

Hays Recruitment

Our final speakers of the night were Claire Houston & Brian Hamil from Queens University Belfast talking about ‘Getting a Foot in the Machine Learning Door’
Brian and Claire are students at Queens University Belfast, this year they both undertook final projects that revolved around AI. This represented their first deep dive into Machine Learning, in this talk they discussed the challenges they faced and some of the key lessons they encountered while working on these (very different)  projects.

Claire Houston and Brian Hamil

Queens University Belfast Students

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