Liberty It


Workgrid Software is a startup within Liberty Mutual. The work grid software has been developed by Liberty IT in Belfast and is now used throughout the organisation worldwide. The objective of the software is to improve contact centres with artificial intelligence.

A call centre chatbot costs just £4.50/day to run, and Liberty Mutual estimate that their initial relatively simple use cases will save their insurance business around £2.2m in the first year. They also don’t sleep, make business process interfaces accessible through natural language, expand call centre capacity and also save money. 

Workgrid has grown out of an internally-built intelligent workplace platform that is used by the 50,000 employees of Liberty Mutual and Liberty IT. Employee calls to the IT helpdesk to fix locked mobile phones typically trapped an employee and staff at the helpdesk into a 15-minute conversation. Now it’s a 60-second online chat, with a 93% reduction in cost and a 10% increase in employee satisfaction.

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