Meetup # 6

In this event we had the pleasure of presenting talks from two fantastic organisations, Google and Liberty IT. The representatives from Google were visiting  Belfast from the United States for just a few days and they kindly agreed to discuss the various ways Google have used and can support organisation in delivering AI driven solutions.

Liberty IT were also our main sponsors for this event and providing the nourishment during the event in the form of both food and drinks.

We also had the official launch of the new AINI Academy which kicks off next month!

Our first speaker was Stuart Greenlees from Liberty IT talking about getting started with AI – a developers prospective. Stuarts starting perspective was that we all know that AI is the future but where do you start?

Stuart has been coding, designing and architecting for over 20 years. He is passionate about solving problems with a customer centric approach with the aim to build simple, elegant and intuitive products. In his current role, Stuart leads a number of teams who explore emerging technology solutions for the insurance industry; with a current focus on computer vision and natural language processing.

Stuart Greenlees


Our next speaker was our speacial guest for the night Ashrut Vora from Google. Ashruts talk title was  “Machine Learning Made Easy: How to Build Flexible, Portable ML Stacks with Kubeflow”

Ashrut Vora comes from engineering background and was privileged to move around few roles from engineering to devops to managing AWS and Azure infrastructure at NetApp Inc and now he works at Google enabling enterprises to unleash the potential by using Google’s technologies specifically for its Cloud Platform.

Ashrut Vora


Rounding our the night we had a final speaker from LibertyIT, Matt Coulter. 

Matt focussed on the hugely important area of  Continuous Delivery for ML Models – Matt gave an overview of his experience building a continuous delivery pipeline for python ML models

With over 7 years industry experience, Matt is the technologist for the LIT business insurance unit and key member of the leadership team driving technical best practise, strategic direction and business development. Current tech stack includes AWS CFT, SpringBoot Micro Services, Spring Webflux, AWS Lambdas, ML/AI (Python / SK-Learn), Docker, MongoDB and Typescript/Angular-cli

Matt Coulter


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