If you haven’t heard of AI NI Academy events then you must have missed our first Academy and the post about it. But that’s okay you can find out all about it with this link to that post here.

To give you the quick recap, AI NI Academy events are our way of up-skilling the community in new AI tools and technology and making Machine Learning accessible. These events are standalone meaning you will never be “behind” for missing one and are designed for any experience level, whether you’re a student or industry professional.

Our second event saw us back at Ormeau Baths, taking advantage of one of the most accessible AI tools that has been created: Microsoft’s ML Studio.


 Microsofts Azure ML Studio is a drag and drop platform that allows anyone to get a machine learning model up and running in easy steps. The tool is complete with example projects allowing beginners to get up and running by taking sample projects and swapping out elements and datasets with quick swipes of logic blocks.


Like all our Academy events we started off with the basic theory behind the terms we would be referring to throughout the night that would get everyone up to speed.

  Then it was time to dive into ML Studio! After getting everyone on the platform we started the walk through on how ML Studio could be used to perform sentiment analysis on product reviews taken from a range of Amazon categories. 

By the end of the night everyone had formatted text data, created their model, trained and tested it all in the drag and drop environment! The best part is that ML Studio gives you a way to integrate your model into any application through an API call.

Learning AI can often be over complicated and teaching it can be more so, but big players in this space are making room for the less experienced to try their hand at it; and that’s something we are completely on board with! Keep an eye out for our educational events as we’re only getting started……